UCM Interface to Ethernet w 24C256 with IR Learner. can be used with Comfigurator for upload/ downlo
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UCM Interface to Ethernet. Can be used with Comfigurator for programming Comfort

The UCM/ETH03 includes an IR Learner which is able to learn he Infrared signals from most handheld remote controls, so that the IR codes can be sent from any Comfort Output

The UCM/ETH03 now supports these new features:
Sending of emails to 4 email addresses for 31 Alarm Types. You can now be notified by email in the event of any alarm.
Synchronisation of Comfort's Date and Time with an Internet Time Server. Time Programs will always run at the correct time
Simultaneous connection to 2 ports so 2 phones, tablets or computers can connect as a time. Previously only 1 connection at a time is allowed.

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